Air Release Valve Definition

The bleed valve is also called the exhaust valve. A valve used for deflation, which is commonly used in plumbing installations, is usually installed at the highest point of the system and is often found on radiators and water separators.
There are two kinds of manual venting valve and automatic deflation valve. The former requires manual operation, and the venting is manually closed. It is troublesome. The manual venting valve has gradually faded out of the market. The latter can automatically deflate at any time. The OR automatic bleed valve is used. During the hydration process, there will be gas entering the heating pipe. When the gas is congested, the heating will not be hot. Therefore, an OR vent valve should be set up to release the gas and make the heating. The system loops smoothly.
Function principle: When the water enters the pipeline, the plug stops at the lower part of the positioning frame and performs a large amount of exhaust. When the air is exhausted, the water enters the valve to float the ball, and the drive plug is closed to stop the exhaust. When the pipeline is in normal operation, a small amount of gas will naturally be generated. These gases will collect in the upper part of the tube. To a certain extent, the water level in the valve will drop. The float will be discharged from the small hole by the water. If there is a power outage, the pump is stopped, and the water in the pipeline is empty. Negative pressure will occur at any time, the float will drop in the water, open the small hole to drive the large hole to carry out a large amount of air intake to ensure the safety of the pipeline.

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